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Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16 (Short Type) plays an important role in intelligent door locks

In the field of industrial production, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and industrial robots, as an important production tool, have been widely used in various industries.

In order to meet the demanding control requirements of industrial robots, Yijia has introduced the GQ16(Short Type) series of push-button switches designed specifically for industrial environments.

With its rugged design, high level of protection, various specifications and modes of operation, and easy installation, the switches are a reliable partner in the field of industrial robot control.

The Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16 is a high-performance, short-form metal push button switch used in a wide range of devices. Its application in smart door locks has broad prospects, which can improve the security and user experience of door locks.

Basic characteristic

  1. Model and operation mode
    Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16 (Short Type) series includes a variety of models, such as YJ-GQ16F-10, YJ-GQ16B-10 and so on. These switches offer instantaneous operation mode with an optional ring light and power icon.
  2. Technical specification
    The rated voltage of this series of push-button switches includes 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 220V, and the rated current is up to 5A under AC-15 conditions and 0.5A under DC-13 conditions. Operating temperature range from -25℃ to +55℃, suitable for a variety of environments. Mechanical life of more than 1,000,000 times, electrical life of more than 100,000 times.
  3. Material and structure
    Push button switch housing materials include stainless steel, brass chrome and aluminum alloy. PA66 base material provides high strength and durability. The protection class is IP65, dustproof and waterproof, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.

Main feature

  1. Multiple operating modes
    The series of push-button switches offer a variety of operating modes, including instantaneous operation, instantaneous operation with a ring light, and instantaneous operation with a power icon. Users can choose the right model according to the actual needs to meet the different functional requirements.
  2. Installation and wiring methods
    Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16 (Short Type) The Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16 (Short type) is φ16 mm and can be connected to screw terminals and pin terminals. The standard wiring length is 150mm and the wire diameter is 0.5㎡. Easy to install and connect, suitable for different installation environments.
  3. Reliability and durability
    This series of push-button switches has excellent vibration and shock resistance, and can withstand an amplitude of 1.2mm at 50Hz frequency and an impact force of more than 10g. In addition, the switch has good high temperature weldability, and the operation time at 320℃ high temperature (or using 30W soldering iron) does not exceed 3 seconds, which does not affect the performance.

Advantages in smart door locks

  1. Improve security and reliability
    The Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16 (Short Type) can significantly improve the security and reliability of smart door locks. High mechanical and electrical life ensures stable use over long periods of time, and the IP65 protection rating provides additional security.
  2. Enhance user experience
    GQ16 series push-button switch is easy to operate, quick response, and improves the user experience. Models with ring lights provide clear instructions for operation, further increasing user satisfaction. Multiple color options add visual effects and an intuitive display of operating status.
  3. Increased versatility
    The switches are available in a variety of colors and voltages to suit different application requirements. The LED ring light is not only beautiful, but also provides an intuitive display of the operating status, increasing the functionality and user-friendliness of the smart door lock.

Selection and installation guide

  1. How to choose the right model
    When selecting a suitable model, determine the operation mode (instantaneous or self-locking) and whether a ring light and power icon are required according to the specific application scenario and requirements. In addition, it is also necessary to select the corresponding rated voltage model according to the power supply voltage, such as 3V, 12V or 220V.
  2. Installation procedure and precautions
    When installing the GQ16 series push button switch, first measure the mounting aperture to ensure that it is Φ16mm. When wiring, it should be strictly in accordance with the red and black lines to LED, blue lines to NO, yellow lines to NC standard wiring. To ensure the welding quality, it is recommended that the welding operation time not exceed 3 seconds to avoid damage to the switch performance due to high temperature.

The GQ16 series push-button switches play an important role in smart door locks, enhancing security and user experience. Its versatility and reliability make it ideal for smart door locks. Selecting and installing the right model will further enhance the performance and service life of the lock.