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Food processing equipment often needs to be cleaned, and its control switches must have a high waterproof rating. Moreover, in order to achieve a dust-free and sterile production environment, the risks brought by production equipment need to be strictly controlled. We aim to provide better solutions.

Application Overview

In the food processing production line, the filling device needs to carry out meticulous overall cleaning work in accordance with the requirements of hygiene management when changing materials and at the beginning and end of daily production. The switch located on the device needs to have higher waterproof protection.
In order to achieve a sterile and dust-free environment, the risk brought by electrostatic voltage is also taken into account. On the whole, traditional push button switches are not suitable for such demanding scenarios. When selecting product specifications and models, it is necessary to carefully consider the needs of actual application scenarios.

Safety and hygiene: The push button switches used in food processing production lines must comply with strict food safety and hygiene standards. Due to the frequent cleaning with disinfectants, the pushbutton switches used should be resistant to corrosion and moisture.
IP Rating: Because cleaning agents are often used, especially in processing lines like liquids, it is very important to choose a push button switch with a high IP rating to ensure waterproof and dustproof.
Ease of cleaning and maintenance: The surface of the pushbutton switch selected should be smooth and easy to clean to prevent the accumulation of debris such as dirt. Something like a quick disconnect or snap-in switch should be more practical.