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Medical Equipment

Medical devices basically require a physical contact such as a push button switch to work, activating a circuit when pressed.

Application Overview

Push button switches are very important in medical equipment. They are used by healthcare personnel to control the device, providing intuitive operation of the device’s functions. The basic design of a push button switch needs to ensure operator safety as well as provide easy-to-use product features. Every aspect of the button’s size and shape needs to be carefully considered to ensure that the operator can operate the button clearly and clearly.

Infection Control and Sterility: Pushbutton switches used in medical devices should be designed to be easy to clean and disinfect, and need to be corrosion-resistant and resistant to chemicals commonly used in medical facilities.
Ease of use: Medical devices are often used frequently. It is very important to choose button switches that can provide precise control, clear labels, and intuitive operation. Buttons with ergonomic design can greatly enhance the user experience.
Compliant with medical standards: The push button switches used must comply with relevant medical equipment standards and legal regulations, so as to ensure the safety of doctors, nurses, and patients.