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In environments with high pollution and high vibration, control switches must be resistant to corrosion and shock.

Application Overview

For special vehicles such as agricultural machinery and garbage collection vehicles, the switch controller is basically installed outside the vehicle body to facilitate the user to control the travel outside the vehicle. The exterior of the car body is often exposed to the sun and rain, and agricultural machinery may have crop residues, while garbage collection vehicles will be covered with dust. Therefore, taking into account the needs of actual application scenarios, preventive measures must be taken.

Durability: Pushbutton switches used in vehicles such as agricultural machinery and refuse collection vehicles need to be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including environments such as exposure to large amounts of dust or darkness and humidity. They should be constructed of strong, corrosion-resistant materials.

Easy to operate with gloves: In this application scenario, users will basically wear gloves to operate, so when choosing the switch to operate, it is necessary to consider that gloves can also be used conveniently. Buttons with enhanced haptic feedback and added lighting options should be a better fit.