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Frequently Asked Question

A push button switch is an electrical component designed to be pressed or pushed by the user to make or break an electrical circuit. It is commonly used in various applications to control electric current.

Tactile pushbutton switches are designed to provide tactile feedback when pressed. They usually have a small bump or dome under the button, allowing the user to feel a physical “click” or resistance when the switch is actuated.


To select the appropriate pushbutton switch, consider the required voltage and current ratings, circuit type (AC or DC), environmental conditions (e.g., humidity, temperature), installation requirements, and desired function (momentary, latching, illuminated, etc.).


Yes, push button switches are widely used in industrial applications. They are known for their durability, reliability, and ability to handle high currents or voltages. Industrial-grade switches typically have rugged construction and meet specific industry standards for performance and security.


The installation process may vary depending on the specific switch and application. Generally speaking, push button switches can be panel mounted or PCB mounted. Panel mount switches require a hole in the control panel or housing, while PCB mount switches are soldered directly to the printed circuit board.


Certain pushbutton switches are designed to withstand outdoor environments, including exposure to moisture, dust, and temperature changes. Look for a switch with the appropriate IP rating, or consult the manufacturer for a switch specifically designed for outdoor applications.


Yes. We have customized a lot for customers before. Includes different button shapes, colors and terminals. Custom switches can be tailored to specific brand or application requirements.
Regarding the customization of packaging, we can put your logo or other information on the packaging, no problem. It’s just that this will incur some additional costs.

Yes, we can provide samples. But you need to pay for the freight. If the sample needs more quantity, we will charge the sample fee.


Welcome! But please let me know first and check your country. If you want any other kind of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.