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Yijia Industrial Control Electric Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of industrial control products such as push button switches, signal lamps, travel switches, AC contactors, intermediate relays, time relays, and solid-state relays.

Through more than ten years of production experience accumulation and continuous R&D innovation, it has become one of the professional industrial control product manufacturing enterprises, and it is still a professional and large-scale enterprise in China.

The product series is rich and widely used in various fields such as power control, mechanical operation control, automation control, new energy, and robotics.

The company has advanced equipment, implements modern management, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

The products have passed type approval experiments, CE certification, CCC certification, ROHS certification, and so on.

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As a company employee, you must deeply understand and agree with the company’s corporate culture and values. At any time, you must put the interests of the company first. In addition, you must accept and welcome this job with a higher moral and intellectual state. A daunting challenge!

1. Enterprise purpose:
Building a harmonious organization Condensing a profitable enterprise Manufacturing high-quality products Meeting customer expectations

2. Business philosophy:
Customers are the foundation of the enterprise, management is the source of benefits, and quality is the cornerstone of survival

3. Enterprise human environment:
The combination of humanization and system, knowledge gap, and continuous self-improvement;
Qualified employees: Be clear about right and wrong, abide by rules and regulations, be polite and live in harmony, and work hard for benefits.
Qualified managers: Keep responsibilities in mind and keep employees in mind.

4. Enterprise talent policy:
Talent-oriented, integrity-based; emphasizing both morality and talent, each doing his best.

5. Staff style:
Be a person first and then do things. Three dos and three don’ts: be honest and honest, don’t lie; be diligent and proactive, don’t be lazy and free; be responsive and don’t delay;
Difficulties and setbacks are always temporary. As long as we work hard, there are always more solutions than problems.

6. Values of employees and the company:
Employees and enterprises develop together
① Demonstrate self-worth with lean work quality and efficient work performance
② An enterprise is a platform for owners and employees to live and develop together, and we must jointly maintain it
③ The enterprise is a big family in which the owner and employees share the system, share benefits, and share risks
④ An enterprise is a school. When employees make contributions to the enterprise and get rewards, their own quality will also be improved, keep making progress, and their own value will continue to create new heights.


For different industries, our craftsman spirit is consistent. Create high-quality products and provide comprehensive application solutions.

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Decades of button development and production experience. Often meet the various customization needs of customers.


Our pre-sales and after-sales support provides you with all-round assistance. Your approval of products and solutions is our only concern.

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