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Yijia Metal Push Button Switch Application and safety assurance of GQ16A in surgical equipment

Yijia Metal Push Button Switch Basic introduction of GQ25B

In the field of industrial production, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and industrial robots, as an important production tool, have been widely used in various industries.

In order to meet the demanding control requirements of industrial robots, Yijia has introduced the GQ16A series of push-button switches designed specifically for industrial environments.

With its rugged design, high level of protection, various specifications and modes of operation, and easy installation, the switches are a reliable partner in the field of industrial robot control.

In modern medical equipment, safety and reliability are of Paramount importance, and surgical equipment is even more so. Surgical equipment needs to be operated under strict conditions to ensure that every operation is accurate. Therefore, choosing the right components and switches becomes particularly critical. As a high-performance Metal Push Button Switch, Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16A is widely used in surgical equipment with its excellent performance and safety guarantee. This paper will discuss in detail the application of GQ16A in surgical equipment and the safety assurance it provides.

Application of GQ16A in surgical equipment

1.Operational control of surgical equipment

  • The GQ16A metal push button switch is commonly used in surgical devices for start and stop control. Its instantaneous operation characteristics ensure that the equipment can quickly respond to the instructions of the medical staff to ensure the smooth progress of the surgical process. Thanks to its compact design and ease of operation, medical personnel can quickly operate the device in an emergency and avoid delays.

2.Device mode switching

  • Surgical devices often need to be switched between different modes of operation, such as from routine mode to emergency mode. The GQ16A’s multiple operating modes (instantaneous and hold) allow it to flexibly adapt to different usage requirements, ensuring stable operation of the equipment in different working states. The GQ16A provides reliable mode switching for both routine operations and special situations.

3.Emergency stop function

  • During surgery, unexpected situations may require the device to be stopped immediately. The GQ16A’s emergency stop function is designed to allow medical personnel to quickly interrupt equipment operation in an emergency, thereby avoiding accidents. Its high durability and reliability ensure a timely response under any circumstances, effectively guaranteeing the safety of the operation.

4.Indicator function

  • The GQ16A is equipped with an indicator function that plays an important role in surgical equipment. Different color indicators can be used to display different working states of the device, such as power switch, running status, etc. This not only helps the medical staff to monitor the status of the equipment in real time, but also gives a timely warning when there is an anomaly, improving the safety and efficiency of the operation.

5.High-frequency operation

  • Surgical equipment often requires a high frequency of operation, which puts a high demand on the durability of the switch. The GQ16A has been subjected to rigorous mechanical and electrical life tests to ensure it can withstand more than a million operations and maintain stable performance under prolonged and high-frequency use. This feature makes the GQ16A ideal for surgical devices.

Security for the GQ16A

1.Waterproof and dustproof design

  • The GQ16A metal pushbutton switch is IP65 rated to protect against water and dust intrusion. Operating room environment requires a high degree of cleanliness and sterility, GQ16A waterproof and dust characteristics ensure stable operation in high humidity, high dust environment, to avoid external environment affect the normal operation of equipment.

2.Electrical safety performance

  • The GQ16A has undergone rigorous electrical safety testing and meets international safety standards. Its high insulation resistance (≥1000MΩ) and high voltage resistance (1500VAC/50Hz/60s) ensure safety at various operating voltages. Even under high loads or bursts of current, the GQ16A is effective against short circuits and overloads, protecting surgical equipment from electrical failures.

3.Antibacterial material and easy to clean design

  • The operating room has very high requirements for a sterile environment, and GQ16A is made of antibacterial materials, which can effectively inhibit bacterial growth. At the same time, its smooth surface design facilitates cleaning and disinfection, ensuring that bacteria do not accumulate during frequent cleaning processes. This not only helps keep the operating room sterile, but also extends the service life of the switch.

4.High mechanical strength and durability

  • GQ16A is made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, with extremely high mechanical strength and impact resistance. During surgery, the device may be subjected to unexpected impact or pressure, and the GQ16A can withstand up to 10g of impact force, ensuring stable operation in harsh conditions. In addition, its mechanical life of more than 1 million operations, electrical life of more than 100,000 times, to ensure long-term reliability.

5.Stable operating pressure and stroke design

  • The GQ16A is designed with about 5N operating pressure and 2mm operating stroke, which ensures the comfort of operation and avoids the possibility of misoperation. In the stressful surgical environment, the medical staff can operate the equipment accurately and quickly, ensuring that every step of the operation is accurate.

The advantages of choosing GQ16A

1.High quality and reliability

  • The Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16A is manufactured from high-quality materials, including stainless steel, aluminum alloy and chrome-plated brass, ensuring high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Its rigorous manufacturing process and quality control ensure that each switch is capable of long-term stable operation under high load conditions and is suitable for the demanding requirements of medical equipment. The GQ16A has an electrical and mechanical life of more than 100,000 and 1 million cycles, respectively, further demonstrating its reliability over long periods of high-frequency use.

2.Versatility and flexibility

  • The GQ16A offers a variety of operating modes, including instantaneous and hold modes, to meet the needs of different devices. In addition, the design includes a variety of models with ring lights and illuminated power supply signs, providing a clear indication of the status of surgical equipment. The versatility of these features allows the GQ16A to adapt flexibly to a variety of application scenarios, from simple on-off control to complex mode switching.

3.High security

  • The GQ16A’s water and dust resistant design is IP65 rated, ensuring stable operation in a variety of harsh environments. Its high insulation resistance and high voltage resistance prevent the occurrence of electrical failures and ensure the safety of equipment and operators. In addition, GQ16A’s antibacterial material and easy-to-clean design make it particularly suitable for highly hygienic environments such as operating rooms, reducing the risk of infection.

4.User friendliness

  • The operating design of the GQ16A focuses on the user experience, and the operating pressure of about 5N and the operating stroke of 2mm ensure the comfort and accuracy of the operation. Its compact size and easy installation make it easy to integrate and replace in a variety of devices. In addition, the function of the indicator light is intuitive and clear, which helps the medical staff to quickly judge the status of the equipment and improve work efficiency.

5.Economic benefit

  • Not only does the GQ16A excel in performance and reliability, its high cost performance is also a major advantage. Long life and low maintenance requirements reduce the frequency of replacement and repair, resulting in significant cost savings for healthcare organizations. In addition, thanks to its high-quality materials and sophisticated workmanship, the GQ16A has a much longer service life than ordinary switches, further reducing the total cost of ownership.

6.Wide compatibility

  • The GQ16A’s universal design is suitable for a wide range of surgical devices, and its diverse models and configurations can meet the specific needs of different devices. Whether it is the development of new equipment or the upgrade of old equipment, the GQ16A can be easily integrated to provide consistent high performance.

The Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ16A is the ideal choice for surgical equipment due to its excellent performance and high reliability. Through a detailed discussion of its specific application, safety assurance and unique advantages in surgical equipment, we can see the key role that GQ16A plays in the medical environment. Its high-quality manufacturing process, diversified functional design and high user friendliness not only enhance the operating experience of surgical equipment, but also ensure the stable operation of equipment under high load conditions.

The GQ16A’s water and dust resistant design, electrical safety and antibacterial material properties enable it to perform well in harsh environments such as operating rooms, greatly reducing the risk of equipment failure and infection. The characteristics of high mechanical strength and long life not only provide economic benefits for medical institutions, but also reduce the frequency of equipment maintenance and replacement, further ensuring the safety and continuity of the surgical process.