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yijia LED stainless steel metal push button switch GQ16B is used in mechanization

In the field of industrial production, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and industrial robots, as an important production tool, have been widely used in various industries.

In order to meet the demanding control requirements of industrial robots, Yijia has introduced the GQ16B series of push-button switches designed specifically for industrial environments.

With its rugged design, high level of protection, various specifications and modes of operation, and easy installation, the switches are a reliable partner in the field of industrial robot control.

Yijia LED Stainless Steel Metal Push Button Switch GQ16B is a high-quality industrial switch widely used in mechanized equipment. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, combined with LED lighting function, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also powerful and reliable.

Difference from Mini Self-locking Metal Pushbutton Switch

LED stainless steel metal pushbutton switch and mini self-locking metal pushbutton switch have significant differences in function and application. The former has a built-in LED indicator, which makes it easy for users to identify the switch status in low-light environments, and is suitable for equipment operations that require clear indication of the status. The mini self-locking metal pushbutton switch has a self-locking function, which remains in the open state after being pressed and needs to be pressed again to reset, and is suitable for scenes that require continuous control. Both have their own advantages in structure and use, and the appropriate switch type can be selected according to specific needs.


1. Sturdy and durable
GQ16B is made of stainless steel, with excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, suitable for various harsh industrial environments. Its sturdy shell can withstand frequent operations and external impacts, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.

2. LED indication function
The built-in LED indicator makes the switch status clear at a glance, allowing operators to quickly confirm the operating status of the equipment. This function is particularly important in low-light environments and can effectively reduce the risk of misoperation.

3. High protection level
GQ16B has a protection level of IP67 and has good waterproof and dustproof properties. It is suitable for mechanical equipment with high protection requirements. This design enables it to maintain reliable working performance in harsh industrial environments.

LED stainless steel metal push button switch GQ16B


1. Automated production line
On automated production lines, GQ16B push button switches can be used for key operations such as starting and stopping equipment and switching operating modes. Its high reliability and long life can meet the high-frequency use requirements of production lines and improve production efficiency.

2. Industrial control systems
In various industrial control systems, GQ16B is often used to operate control panels to open, close, and emergency stop equipment. Its LED indication function facilitates operators to perform accurate operations in complex control environments.

3. Mechanical equipment operation panel
GQ16B is also widely used in the operation panels of various types of mechanical equipment, such as CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, conveyor systems, etc. Its rugged and durable design ensures the reliability and stability of the equipment in long-term use.

Advantages of use

1. Improve operating efficiency
Due to the intuitive LED indication function and good hand-feel design of GQ16B, operators can quickly operate equipment, reduce downtime, and improve work efficiency.

2. Enhanced safety
The high protection level and sturdy materials enable GQ16B to work normally in harsh environments, reduce equipment downtime caused by switch failures, and enhance production safety.

3. Reduce maintenance costs
The high durability and long life of GQ16B make it unnecessary for enterprises to frequently replace switches during use, reducing maintenance costs and time.

Yijia LED stainless steel metal push button switch GQ16B has been widely used in the field of mechanization due to its excellent performance and reliability. It not only improves the operating efficiency and safety of the equipment, but also saves maintenance costs for enterprises. It is an indispensable and important component in mechanized equipment.