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Yijia flat metal push button switch GQ30B CNC application

In the field of industrial production, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and industrial robots, as an important production tool, have been widely used in various industries.

In order to meet the demanding control requirements of industrial robots, Yijia has introduced the GQ30B series of push-button switches designed specifically for industrial environments.

With its rugged design, high level of protection, various specifications and modes of operation, and easy installation, the switches are a reliable partner in the field of industrial robot control.

Flat metal push button switch GQ30B Overview

Yijia flat metal push button switch GQ30B is known for its rugged construction and reliable performance. In computer numerical control (CNC) machines, where precision and durability are critical, the GQ30B becomes an indispensable component. This article explores various aspects of the GQ30B switch, focusing on its applications, features, and benefits in CNC machinery.

Yijia GQ30B is a flat metal push button switch made of industrial-grade materials that can withstand the test of harsh environments. Its stainless steel housing ensures the switch’s long life and resistance to wear. The GQ30B is available in a variety of configurations, including illuminated and non-illuminated versions, to meet the needs of different users.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Durability: The GQ30B is designed for long-term use with a lifespan of more than 500,000 cycles. The metal structure provides excellent resistance to physical damage.
  2. Waterproof and dustproof: With an IP67 protection rating, the switch is dustproof and can be immersed in water at a certain depth, suitable for use in environments exposed to liquids and dust.
  3. Aesthetic design: The flat design and stylish appearance make it suitable for modern CNC machines and enhance the overall appearance of the equipment.
  4. Easy to install: The switch is simple in design and easy to integrate into various CNC machine panels, reducing downtime during maintenance or upgrades.
  5. Lighting options: Available with LED lighting in multiple colors, the GQ30B can provide visual feedback to indicate the operating status of the CNC machine.


  1. Enhanced reliability: The GQ30B’s rugged design ensures stable performance and reduces machine downtime caused by switch failure.
  2. Improved safety: The switch’s reliable operation and potential safety interlock applications help improve work safety in CNC environments.
  3. User-friendly interface: Tactile feedback and lighting options provide clear and immediate information to the operator, improving usability.
  4. Aesthetic Integration: The GQ30B’s modern design complements the advanced aesthetics of contemporary CNC machines for a unified look.
  5. Cost Effectiveness: With its long life and durable construction, the GQ30B offers CNC machine builders and operators a cost-effective solution, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

Application in CNC machinery

  1. Control Panel
    In the control panel of a CNC machine, the GQ30B flat metal push button switch plays a central role. Operators press these buttons to start and stop the machine, select operating modes, reset error conditions, and more. Due to its rugged design and high durability, the GQ30B is able to maintain stable performance in frequent operations and reduce machine downtime. In addition, models with LED lighting can provide visual feedback when the button is pressed, helping operators quickly confirm the operating status and improve work efficiency.
  2. Safety Interlock Device
    The GQ30B is also commonly used in the safety interlock system of CNC machinery. These systems require that machine operation is allowed only under certain conditions to ensure safe operation. For example, when the machine cover is not closed, the interlock device prevents the machine from starting, thereby avoiding potential safety hazards. The reliability and high protection level of the GQ30B switch make it an ideal choice for these safety-critical applications.
  3. Operation Console
    On the CNC operation console, the GQ30B push button switch provides an intuitive user interface. Operators can quickly switch between different operating modes, such as automatic, manual, and programming modes, through these buttons. The combination of tactile feedback and visual feedback allows operators to focus on operations and improve production efficiency without having to check the display screen frequently while working.
  4. Maintenance panel
    In the maintenance panel of CNC equipment, the GQ30B switch is used to activate specific maintenance functions such as system diagnosis, parameter adjustment, and equipment calibration. Since these operations are usually performed during machine operation, the high durability and protection capabilities of the GQ30B ensure that it can still work stably in various harsh environments, supporting maintenance personnel to complete tasks efficiently.
flat metal push button switch GQ30B CNC application

Difference between flat metal push button switch and flat waterproof LED metal push button switch

There are significant differences in the structure and function between the flat metal push button switch and the flat head waterproof LED metal push button switch. The flat head metal push button switch is mainly used for basic switching operations in general environments, while the flat head waterproof LED metal push button switch has a higher protection level and is suitable for harsh environments that require water and dust resistance. In addition, the flat head waterproof LED metal push button switch comes with LED lighting to provide visual feedback and enhance the visibility and safety of operation.

The flat metal push button switch GQ30B is an important component in CNC machinery, providing unparalleled durability, safety and user-friendly features. Its application in CNC control panels, safety interlocks and operating consoles demonstrates its versatility and reliability. By integrating the GQ30B switch, CNC machine manufacturers can improve the performance, safety and aesthetics of their equipment, ensuring a superior user experience and operating efficiency.