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Yijia Metal Push Button Switches GQ19B are used in Industrial Robots

Yijia Product In the field of industrial production, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and industrial robots, as an important production tool, have been widely used in various industries. In order to meet the demanding control requirements of industrial robots, Yijia has introduced the GQ19B series of push-button switches designed specifically […]

Functions, working principles and applications of AC relay switches

What is an AC relay switch? AC relay switch is an electrical component used to control AC circuits. It uses electromagnetic principles to achieve on-off control of the circuit. When a control signal (usually a low voltage or low current signal) is applied to the input end, the electromagnetic coil inside the relay generates a magnetic field, […]

A Practical Guide to Door Limit Switches

What is a Door Limit Switch Door Limit Switch, also known as door limit switch, is an electrical switch device used to detect the door position. When the door opens or closes to a predetermined position, the limit switch triggers the circuit action, thereby realizing the monitoring and control of the door status. It is usually […]

Practical guide to Electrical Limit Switches

What is an Electrical Limit Switch An Electrical Limit Switch is a switch device used to detect mechanical position or travel. When an object (such as a robotic arm or moving part) reaches a preset position, the limit switch is triggered and the circuit state is switched. It converts electrical signals by opening and closing […]

Precautions for connecting limit switches

Momentary push button switch Yijia

The purpose of limit switch connection The purpose of limit switch connection is to control the movement or operation in mechanical equipment or systems, and to achieve automatic control and protection functions by detecting the preset position or state. Limit switches can help equipment automatically stop or switch operations when reaching a specified position, preventing […]

Factors affecting the selection of limit switches

Basic principles of limit switches A limit switch is an electrical switch used to detect the position or travel of an object. When the object moves to a predetermined position, the limit switch is triggered, switching its internal circuit, thereby achieving control and feedback of the mechanical position. A limit switch usually consists of an actuator, contacts, […]

Limit switch sensor basic knowledge theory

What is a limit switch sensor A limit switch sensor is a device used to detect the position or movement limit of an object. When an object moves to a predetermined position or exceeds a specified range, the limit switch sensor sends a signal to control the start, stop, or change direction of the equipment. […]

An in-depth look at limit switch types and their applications

Types of limit switches Limit switch is a common electrical component in industrial automation, used to detect the position of mechanical movement and control the opening and closing of circuits. Limit switches can be divided into many types according to different working principles and application environments. Here are a few common limit switch types: Mechanical […]

Learn more about the working principles of various limit switches

How does a limit switch work? A limit switch is a device used to detect the position of objects and control mechanical movement. It is widely used in industrial automation and mechanical equipment. Its main function is to control the equipment by detecting position changes in mechanical movement. The working principle of the limit switch […]

Basic knowledge of micro limit switches

What is a miniature limit switch? A miniature limit switch is a small electrical switch typically used to detect the position or end of mechanical movement. It uses mechanical contact or non-contact mode to trigger the switch action when it detects that the object reaches the preset position, thereby controlling the operating status of the […]