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Push Button Light Switch: Learn About It in Many Aspects

What is a push button light switch?

A push button light switch is a push button switch that controls light. Some products of this type of switch will have built-in lights to display the current circuit switch status, which provides a convenient and quick visual signal.

These switches control the light fixture on and off with just the push of a button. Some push button light switches come with two buttons, one to turn the light on and another to turn it off. Some push button light switches will hold when pressed to connect the circuit, and reset to disconnect the circuit when pressed again. These push-button light switches, which control one lamp, are technically often called single-pole switches.

Push-button light switches are usually equipped with a push-button light switch cover or a push-button switch plate, which cover the push-button light switch to provide aesthetics while also isolating the wire from contact with fingers.

Old push button light switch

The old button light switch is a traditional switch, usually made of plastic and metal. Its structure and function are simple, and the price is cheap. It is suitable for retro-style home decoration.

Old antique push button light switch


Push button light switch is easy to use. It’s simple and straightforward to control the lights on and off with just the push of a button. When the switch is off, the light will not come on; when the switch is on, the light will come on.

Push button light switches have indicator lights. In dark or low-light environments, users can clearly know the status of the switch and confirm whether the operation has been completed, reducing the possibility of misoperation.

Multifunctional design of push button light switch. Some push button light switches can adjust the brightness and color of the light and make personalized settings according to actual needs.

The application of push-button light switches covers a variety of scenarios. In homes, they are often used in lighting systems. In business, push button light switches can be used for display cabinet lighting, security signals, etc. In addition, most applications involving low-voltage electrical switches can be operated using push-button light switches.

How many colors are available?

There are many colors to choose from for push button light switches. Common colors include red, green, yellow and blue. Specific colors vary by manufacturer and product model.

The choice of color usually does not affect the price of a push button light switch. Most manufacturers offer a variety of colors to choose from in their product lines, and the price is basically affected by factors such as brand, quality, and extra features.

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