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Three Way Push Button Switch Guide

push button light switch Yijia

Definition of three-way push button switch A three-way push button switch is a switch that allows the user to control electrical equipment from three different positions. This type of switch is often used in lighting systems to control the same set of lights in multiple locations. For example, installing a three-way button switch at the […]

Learn more about Turn Signal Lamp Socket

Turn Signal Lamp Socket structure The turn signal bulb socket is a key component of the automotive lighting system. It not only provides the connection between the bulb and the power supply, but also ensures that the bulb can be stably fixed in place. Below we introduce the structure of the turn signal bulb socket […]

Types and applications of waterproof limit switches

Definition of waterproof limit switch Waterproof limit switch is a special type of limit switch. Through a specific waterproof design, it can work normally in a humid or direct contact with water environment, thereby ensuring the safety and stability of the equipment. This type of switch usually has excellent sealing performance and uses waterproof materials and […]

AC relay switch: Function, working principle and application

What is AC Relay switch? AC relay switches are electronic control devices that are capable of controlling higher power AC (alternating current) loads in an electrical system. The relay switch drives the circuit of higher voltage or current through the control signal of lower voltage to realize the automatic switching control of power supply. This […]

Definition and application of limit switch

Limit switch definition A limit switch is a device that automatically controls a circuit switch when mechanical movement reaches a preset position. It is mainly used to control the extreme position of mechanical movement and detect the existence and position of objects through contact or non-contact methods. When a controlled object such as a robotic arm, conveyor […]

Comprehensive analysis of relay switches

What is a relay switch? Relay switch is an electronic control device, which is usually used in circuits to achieve remote control and automatic control. Its basic function is to be used as a switch in a circuit, capable of controlling a larger current through a smaller current without direct contact with the circuit. The […]