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Yijia starter button Flat Ring lamp stainless steel 5-pin metal push button switch

Installation dimensions: φ22MM
Lamp type: Flat Ring lamp
Rated voltage and current: 250VAC 5A
Operation: momentary switch/ latching switch
LED color: Red Green Blue Yellow White
LED contact: 1NO1NC(5-pins) / 2NO2NC(8-pins)
LED voltage: 1.8V、3V、6V、12V、24V、36V、48V、110V、220V
Shell material: Brass-clad Chromium/Stainless steel/ Aluminum alloy plating

Yijia starter button Flat Ring lamp stainless steel 5-pin metal push button switch of 22mm installation dimensions Rated voltage and current: 250VAC/5A pushbutton switches

This model of switch features an installation dimension of φ22MM and employs a design with a Flat Ring lamp, suitable for various applications. Its rated voltage is 250VAC with a current of 5A, meeting specific electrical requirements. The operation can be either a momentary switch or a latching switch, providing flexibility to meet different control needs.

The LED indicator comes in a variety of colors, including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White, offering diverse visual indication options. The LED contact has two configurations: 1NO1NC (5-pins) and 2NO2NC (8-pins), allowing users to choose based on their specific requirements.

In addition, the LED operates within a wide voltage range, including 1.8V, 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, and 220V, catering to different power system needs.

Regarding the shell material, users can choose from durable options such as Brass-clad Chromium, Stainless steel, or Aluminum alloy plating, ensuring the switch has excellent durability and a sleek appearance. This versatile switch is an ideal choice in the field of electrical control, providing users with a flexible and reliable operational experience.

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