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Yijia Metal Push Button Switch GQ12 application and advantage in alarm device

In the field of industrial production, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and industrial robots, as an important production tool, have been widely used in various industries.

In order to meet the demanding control requirements of industrial robots, Yijia has introduced the GQ12 series of push-button switches designed specifically for industrial environments.

With its rugged design, high level of protection, various specifications and modes of operation, and easy installation, the switches are a reliable partner in the field of industrial robot control.

In modern security systems, alarm devices play a vital role, they can provide timely alarms when emergencies occur, to protect the safety of personnel and property. As a key component of the alarm device, the quality and performance of the push-button switch directly affect the reliability and effectiveness of the whole system.

The Yijia metal Push Button Switch GQ12 has become the first choice for many alarm devices due to its excellent performance and reliability. The GQ12 push-button switch not only has a durable metal housing, but also has excellent electrical and mechanical properties to work stably in a variety of harsh environments. This article will discuss in detail the specific application and advantages of Yijia metal push button switch GQ12 in alarm devices, to help readers understand its wide application in the field of security and its unique value.

Metal button switches in various colors

Yijia metal Push Button Switch Features of GQ12

1. Structure and material

Durability of metal housing

  • The GQ12 push-button switch uses a high-strength metal housing to withstand a wide range of mechanical shocks and vibrations, ensuring long-term stable operation in harsh industrial environments.
  • The metal housing not only increases the mechanical strength of the button, but also provides good corrosion resistance for outdoor and harsh environment applications.

High quality contact material

  • The contact material of the GQ12 is made of a highly conductive alloy, ensuring stable electrical performance even at high frequencies.
  • Contact design focuses on oxidation resistance and wear resistance, extending the service life of the switch.
2. Technical specifications

Voltage and current ratings

  • The GQ12 push-button switch ADAPTS to a wide range of voltage and current ratings to meet the needs of different equipment and systems, typically rated at 250V AC and 5A.
  • A variety of models are available to suit different power needs and application scenarios.

Protection level (e.g. IP level)

  • With IP65 or higher protection grade, dust and waterproof performance is excellent, to ensure normal work in wet, dusty and other harsh environments.
  • The high protection level ensures the reliability and safety of the button in long-term use.

Button life and number of operations

  • The GQ12 is designed for a long life, usually reaching more than 1 million times of operation, suitable for frequent use.
  • The mechanical and electrical life of the buttons are rigorously tested to ensure stable operation throughout their entire life cycle.
3. Appearance design
Overall dimension
  • The GQ12 push-button switch is available in a variety of sizes for different mounting needs and panel designs.
  • The compact design allows easy integration into a wide range of devices and systems without taking up too much space.

Button type and color selection

  • A variety of button types are available, including flat head, protruding head, with and without lights, to meet different operational needs.
  • Multiple color options (such as red, green, yellow, etc.) are easy to distinguish between different functions and improve user intuitiveness and convenience.

Application scenario of alarm device

1. Emergency alarm button

Specific application

  • In industrial environments such as factories and warehouses, emergency alarm buttons are essential safety equipment. When there is an emergency such as fire, mechanical failure, etc., the operator can quickly press the emergency button to trigger the alarm system and notify the relevant personnel to take emergency measures.
  • In public places such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc., the emergency alarm button is also crucial to quickly issue an alarm when emergencies (such as fire, violence) occur to protect personnel safety.

The need for rapid response

  • The GQ12 button switch has the characteristics of high reliability and fast response, which can trigger the alarm system at the critical moment in time, reduce the response time and improve the emergency handling efficiency.
  • Its durable metal construction and high level of protection ensure that the button will work properly in a variety of environments, avoiding delays caused by equipment failure at critical times.
2. Control panel in security system

Button layout in control panel design

  • In a complex safety control system, the control panel is usually equipped with multiple buttons for the operation and control of different functions. The GQ12 button switch’s diverse design and color choices make the button layout more intuitive and orderly.
  • Operators can quickly identify and perform corresponding operations according to different colors and types of buttons, improving work efficiency and operational safety.

Ease of user operation

  • The humanized design of the GQ12 button switch makes the button operation simple and comfortable, suitable for long-term frequent use. The good touch and clear feedback of the buttons ensure the accuracy and reliability of the operation.
  • The modular design makes the installation and replacement of buttons very convenient, reducing maintenance workload and time costs.
3. Anti-sabotage device

Security requirements in high-risk areas

  • In high-risk areas such as banks, museums and data centers, anti-sabotage alarm systems are the key to security. The metal housing and high protection grade of the GQ12 push button switch can effectively resist external damage and environmental impact to ensure the stable operation of the system.
  • Its impact and corrosion resistance enables the button to be used for a long time in harsh environments, providing continuous safety.

Button resistance to damage

  • The rugged design of the GQ12 is designed to withstand strong external shocks and malicious damage, ensuring that the buttons will work properly under any circumstances without interference from external factors.
  • The use of high protection levels and high-quality materials further improves the durability and reliability of the button, reducing the safety risks caused by equipment failure.

Yijia metal Push Button Switch Advantages of the GQ12

1. Durability and reliability

The number of long-life operations

  • The GQ12 push-button switch is designed for a lifetime of more than 1 million operations, ensuring reliability in high-frequency use environments.
  • Rigorous manufacturing processes and the use of high-quality materials ensure that the button maintains stable performance throughout its life cycle.

Ability to resist environmental interference

  • High protection levels (such as IP65 and above) enable GQ12 to work properly in humid, dusty and other harsh environments.
  • The metal housing not only provides excellent mechanical strength, but also corrosion and impact resistance, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial and outdoor environments.
2. Convenient installation

Modular design for easy integration

  • The GQ12 push-button switch has a modular design that makes it easy to integrate into a variety of devices and systems.
  • Standardized installation dimensions and wiring methods simplify the installation and maintenance process, reducing installation time and cost.

Installation procedure and precautions

  • Provide detailed installation instructions and technical support to help users quickly install buttons.
  • During the installation process, you only need to follow the simple steps to operate, without the intervention of professional technicians.
3. Use safety

Anti-misoperation design

  • The GQ12 button switch design focuses on the user’s operation safety, and the anti-error operation function effectively reduces the risk of incorrect triggering.
  • The feedback of the button is clear, and the operation has a clear touch and sound prompt to ensure the accuracy of the operation.

High protection level ensures safe operation

  • The high protection level of GQ12 is not only dustproof and waterproof, but also prevents external electromagnetic interference, ensuring the stable operation of the button in a complex electromagnetic environment.
  • High-quality materials and design, so that the button can be used normally in extreme conditions such as high temperature and low temperature, to ensure safe operation.
4. Cost performance

Price advantage compared with other brands

  • The GQ12 push-button switch offers a higher price/performance ratio while maintaining high quality and reliability at a competitive price.
  • Whether it is initial purchase or subsequent maintenance, the GQ12 is significantly more cost-effective than its peers.

Long-term use cost analysis

  • Due to its long life and low maintenance requirements, the GQ12 push-button switch has obvious cost advantages in long-term use, reducing replacement and repair costs.
  • High reliability and stable performance reduce downtime and related losses due to equipment failure, further improving economic efficiency.

Selection and maintenance Guide

In order to ensure that the Yijia metal Push Button Switch GQ12 can perform best in practical applications and extend its service life, the following is a detailed selection and maintenance guide.

Selection guide

How to choose the right metal button switch

1. Basis for selecting key parameters
  • Rated voltage and current: Select the appropriate rated voltage and current according to the electrical parameters of the device. For general industrial equipment, for example, the GQ12’s 250V AC and 5A ratings usually meet demand.
  • Protection level: Select the appropriate protection level according to the use environment. For example, outdoor or humid environments should choose a model with a high level of protection (such as IP65 or higher).
  • Contact type: Select the appropriate contact type according to the control requirements, such as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contact, to ensure that the control logic requirements of the system are met.
2. Comparison of different models
  • Appearance size: Select the appropriate dimensions according to the installation space. The compact design is suitable for devices and control panels with limited space.
  • Button type and color: Select the appropriate button type (such as flat head, protruding head) and color according to the operation requirements to ensure the convenience and differentiation of the operation.
  • Models with and without lights: The button with lights is suitable for situations where the status needs to be indicated, and the button without lights is suitable for ordinary control needs.

Maintenance guide

Regular inspection and maintenance

Periodic inspection
  • Appearance inspection: Check the appearance of the push button switch regularly to ensure that there is no mechanical damage, corrosion, or other external damage.
  • Functional test: Perform regular functional tests to check the response speed and contact status of the button to ensure that it works properly.
Cleaning and maintenance
  • Clean the button surface: Wipe the button surface with a clean soft cloth and avoid using detergent containing corrosive or solvent to prevent damage to the shell and internal structure of the button.
  • Dustproof and waterproof measures: For buttons used in harsh environments, ensure that protective measures are in place, such as installing dustproof cover or waterproof cover to extend the service life of the button.

Common problems and solutions

1.Button failure
  • Cause analysis: It may be caused by contact wear, internal spring failure or circuit connection problems.
  • Solution: Check and replace worn contacts or internal components to ensure that the circuit is securely connected.
2.Button surface worn or discolored
  • Cause analysis: long-term use or environmental factors.
  • Solution: Replace the worn or faded button housing or panel to ensure clarity and beauty of operation.
  • Cause analysis: internal mechanical structure failure or external pollutants into.
  • Solution: Clean the internal structure of the button, ensure that there is no foreign matter, and replace the faulty component.