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Yijia flat/high stainless steel 5pins metal button


YJ-GQ Series Metal Button
Installation dimensions: φ19MM
Lamp type: Flat / High
Rated voltage and current: 250VAC 5A
Operation: momentary maintained
Contact: 1NO1NC (3pins) / 2NO2NC (6pins)
Shell material: Brass-clad Chromium / Stainless steel / Aluminum alloy plating

Yijia flat/high stainless steel 5pins metal button of 19mm installation dimensions Rated voltage and current: 250VAC/5A

The YJ-GQ Series Metal Buttons are designed to cater to industrial and commercial needs that demand high durability and consistent performance. These buttons come in three shell material options: brass clad in chromium, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy plating, ensuring robustness in various working environments. Their standard installation size of φ19MM is compatible with multiple panels, facilitating easy installation and maintenance.

Offering both flat and high lamp types, these buttons meet diverse visual and functional requirements. In terms of electrical performance, the YJ-GQ Series can withstand a rated voltage and current of 250VAC 5A, ensuring reliable operation in a variety of electrical systems.

To adapt to different usage scenarios, these buttons feature both momentary and maintained operational modes, allowing flexibility based on specific needs. Additionally, the availability of 1NO1NC (3 pins) and 2NO2NC (6 pins) contact configurations caters to a range from simple to complex circuit requirements, enhancing their applicability in various devices.

The YJ-GQ Series Metal Buttons are engineered for environments that prioritize stability and efficiency. Combining practicality, reliability, and ease of use, they are an ideal choice for settings that require long-term, stable operation.

YJ-GQ16B metal button ring light 4

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