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Yijia flat/high stainless steel 3-pins metal push button switch

YJ-GQ Series Metal Button
YJ-GQ22BF-11/N YJ-GQ22BF-11Z/N
Installation dimensions: φ22MM
Lamp type: Flat / High
Rated voltage and current: 250VAC 5A
Operation: momentary maintained
Contact: 1NO1NC (3pins) / 2NO2NC (6pins)
Shell material: Brass-clad Chromium / Stainless steel / Aluminum alloy plating

Yijia flat/high stainless steel 3-pins metal push button switch of 22mm installation dimensions Rated voltage and current: 250VAC/5A

The YJ-GQ Series Metal Button is an advanced button device widely used in electrical control systems. Models such as YJ-GQ22BF-11/N and YJ-GQ22BF-11Z/N have gained popularity due to their excellent performance and versatility. Below is a detailed overview of the specifications and features of these buttons to provide a comprehensive understanding of their advantages.

Installation Dimensions

The installation dimensions for the YJ-GQ Series Metal Button are φ22MM, a standard size that is well-suited for flexible installation on various devices and panels. Its simple yet compact design allows easy integration into various control systems, providing convenience for users.

Lamp Type

YJ-GQ22BF-11/N and YJ-GQ22BF-11Z/N support two lamp types: Flat and High. The Flat lamp is suitable for ordinary environments, while the High lamp excels in situations requiring more intense brightness. This design ensures clear visibility of indications in different environmental conditions.

Rated Voltage and Current

These metal buttons have a rated voltage of 250VAC and a current of 5A. This indicates that they have sufficient electrical capacity to operate reliably in high voltage and current environments, ensuring the safety and stability of equipment.


The YJ-GQ Series buttons operate in a momentary maintained mode, allowing users to choose between momentary triggering or maintaining a state based on specific needs. This operational flexibility is crucial, especially in applications requiring timed or continuous operations.

Contact Configuration

To meet different requirements, these buttons offer two contact configurations: 1NO1NC (3 pins) and 2NO2NC (6 pins). This diversity allows users to choose the model that best suits their circuit configuration, ensuring compatibility with other devices.

Shell Material

The shell materials for YJ-GQ Series Metal Buttons include brass-clad chromium, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy plating. This provides the buttons with excellent durability and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for various industrial environments. Different shell materials also offer aesthetic options to meet user preferences.

In conclusion, the YJ-GQ Series Metal Buttons provide reliable solutions for a wide range of applications through their outstanding design and diverse specifications, ensuring the efficient operation of electrical control systems.

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