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Emergency Stop Switch YJ-GQ22-11ZS/S

Emergency Stop Switch YJ-GQ22-11ZS/S: Safety at Your Fingertips

Yi Jia Button brings you the YJ-GQ22-11ZS/S from the renowned GQ22 series – a robust emergency stop switch designed for real-world industrial strength and dependability. This isn’t just any switch; it’s your quick-action safety companion for any situation that demands an immediate halt.

Easy to Press

With its bold, red mushroom cap, this switch is built to be spotted and pressed in an instant – because in an emergency, every second counts. The red isn’t just for show; it’s to make sure you can’t miss it, following the strictest safety codes out there.

Built with 304 Stainless Steel

The YJ-GQ22-11ZS/S can take on just about anything. Made with 304 stainless steel, it’s ready to face corrosive chemicals, moisture, and the daily grind of the industrial world, ensuring it’s always working when you need it most.

Flexible for Any System

Whether your gear needs a circuit closed or opened when the button’s pushed, this switch has you covered with 1NO (Normally Open) and 1NC (Normally Closed) configurations. It’s all about fitting into your setup seamlessly.

Standard Size, Easy Installation

We’ve made sure our emergency stop switch fits right in with a 22mm diameter mounting hole, common across various equipment types.

Stay or Spring Back: You Choose

With the YJ-GQ22-11ZS/S’s self-locking or resetting feature, it’s up to you if the switch stays down after a push or pops right back up. Tailor it to your system’s needs and switch up how you safeguard your operations.

High Voltage, is not small

It’s rated for 440V and 10A, packing the punch for high-power machinery and industrial heavyweights.

Waterproof and Insulated

Into the deep end or the hot seat, the YJ-GQ22-11ZS/S isn’t fazed. It’s waterproof and insulated, so you can trust it in wet conditions and against temperature swings.

Quality and Safety in One

We’re serious about safety and quality, and the YJ-GQ22-11ZS/S is our promise in a button. When you need to stop everything, you want a switch that’s as committed to safety as you are.

Your Go-To for a Safe Workspace

For an E-Stop switch that’s easy to use and ready for anything, the YJ-GQ22-11ZS/S is your first choice.

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